Happy Friday everyone! Here’s a little blast from the past for our musician friends, with a special shout out to the folks in Montreal who participated in Tune Hall!

I’ve added the entire library to SoundCloud including some never released live recordings!

The website was getting a little outdated, so it has a new look.

If you’re on a browser like Chrome you can check out this cool featured-track visualizer 🙂

Tune Hall was musician’s collective that ran from 2007- 2013. It was founded by Julian Smit and Jerome Arsenault. The concept was to write, record, mix and post online; new songs in 24 hours effort, with a different team of musicians for each song. Roughly 30 songs were composed, and an EP was produced.

For those of you who liked the old site (or like me, just like to have it there for posterity); don’t worry, it’s still there and you can find it by clicking the globe icon in the top nav.